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made by Mark Wilson

in Devon, UK

Our instruments are made from Ember Steel by Ayasa and shells are hydro-formed. 

Material is Stainless Steel or ​Nitrided

However, because we work and operate in a damp country and because stainless steel is more popular choice,

we do not store Nitrided materials in winter months, as they turn rusty very quickly, and make a batch or two in summer months.

If you are interested in Nitrided instrument - let us know and we will notify you once we have shells available.

Instruments are heat-treated in the manufacturing process and

the unique coloration is a result of temperature in the oven and duration of the heating.​​

We can't guarantee a specific colour.

At the moment we can't offer 18" size Instruments due to insufficient quality material.


​21" (54cm) Standard HandPan £1400,- + P&P

  • maximum amount of notes to fit is ​ding + 8

  • impedance* notes are Bb4 and F#5

  • highest note F5

  • lowest C3​

  • tuning 440hz or  432hz

Custom made HandPans

  • custom scales,

  • top/bottom notes

  • mutants with 11+ notes

  • BassPan with 4 to 6 notes

  • special needs handpans

*Impedance: A phenomenon occurring in handpans where, due to the diameter or depth of an instrument, certain pitches sound stifled or dissonant. This is caused by sound waves/frequencies that do not properly align when travelling through the shell. This can also be called phase shift, wave interference or phase cancellation. (




PanStream - F# minor (18"Size)

PanStream - F# minor (18"Size)

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PanStream 2018  (D) A Bb D E F G A C -Hardcase Technologies Handpan Review

PanStream 2018 (D) A Bb D E F G A C -Hardcase Technologies Handpan Review

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Panstream Handpan D Celtic "Golden Stainless"

Panstream Handpan D Celtic "Golden Stainless"

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Panstream Handpan Stainless - F Oxalista

Panstream Handpan Stainless - F Oxalista

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Instruments can be tuned to standard 440hz resonance and for beginners we would suggest that, because it would be easier to match up with other instruments and players if you play together..

However if the purpose of a handpan is healing, meditation, yoga music then some people choose 432hz tuning..

Here is an example of same scale instrument in 432hz and 440hz.


This is very personal choice, but for beginners we usually suggest to choose an easy scale like one of D scales..

For example D Celtic  or  D Minor. These scales would be easy to learn and also easy to sell if at one point you would decide to do so.

The last bit we would advise on, would be to check handpan in person or online lessons.. some tutors might offer a deal on instrument + lessons.. Here are some: Millie Hoddo; Dom AversanoMaster The HandPan


Often we get asked about best options for stands and cases and other accessories.

For cases we prefer Evatek Medium from Hardcase Technologies, but you might also like to consider Namana bags.

Popular stands are offered by Sounds Inspiring or Pantam Stand.


For complete beginners we usually advise to visit gatherings or gigs such as HangOutUK so you can listen to as many instruments from different makers and also maybe have a try yourself if possible.. If that option is not available then next best thing is YouTube..