Sound for your Soul..



made by Mark Wilson

in Devon, UK


21'" standard

stainless or nitrided 

440 or 432hz tuning

8 + 1 note scales


18" mini

stainless or nitrided 

440 or 432hz tuning

7 + 1 note scales


custom made

mutants with lots of notes

top & bottom notes

bass pan / special needs pan


Our Instruments - nitrided or stainless

18" (46cm) Mini HandPan £1000,- + P&P

  • maximum amount of notes to fit is ding + 7 or 8 notes

         (depending on scale range)

  • impedence note is C5

  • ​highest note G#5 and lowest D3 ​

​21" (54cm) Standard HandPan £1350,- + P&P

  • maximum amount of notes to fit is ​ding + 8 notes

  • impedence notes Bb4 and F#5

  • highest note F5 and lowest C3​

Custom made HandPans

  • custom scales, 10+ notes

  • bottom notes £170,- first note, £50,- every following

  • stainless steel £100,- extra

  • 440hz or  432hz tuning

  • BassPan with 4 to 6 notes

Instruments are made from 1.2mm thick DC04 metal sheets, ​shells are hydro-formed, stainless or ​nitrided and heat-treated in the process.
Unique coloration is a result of temperature and duration of heating.​​

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Ordering - Shipping - Maintenance


Purchase your Instrument via our website or contact us for custom order!



Insured UK Mainland shipping is £55,- for other destinations please contact us for an estimate.


Once your payment has cleared and instrument is ready for shipping, we will book a courier and you will receive an email with tracking number. Please double-check your address and contact details.
Let us know when you have received the instrument and if you are satisfied with it. If there is any problem with your order, please let us know immediately!
​Upon Arrival - please inspect the box before signing it off with the courier. ​If you see any damage on the outside of the box - take pictures. Do a thorough inspection of the case and instrument as soon as possible. Do not dispose of the box until you are 100% satisfied with the order. We would suggest to save the box for when you need to tune up your instrument.
​If instrument has been damaged in shipping - let us know immediately -  damage claims must be reported within 14 days of the delivery date (including the day of delivery). The packaging and damaged item must be kept at the delivery address for inspection by the courier. Failure to do this may void the claim.
Photographs of packaging and damaged items will be required to resolve claims.
Courier will require evidence of the value of your goods - our Invoice.



To keep your instrument happy - service it regularly, keep it dry and wipe it off after each and every handling. Protective oil (optional) can be gently rubbed into the steel, however, with time, build-up can occur and it will affect the sound of HandPan. Use small amount  and remove any excess and make sure not to press on notes. 
Once in a while we would recommend to clean surface of instrument with an alcohol solution - to remove any build-up and to prevent rusting. Avoid harsh temperature changes and damage like dropping, excessive banging or applying pressure on playing surface.​ 
​Always use an appropriate case for transportation and do not leave instrument unattended. Do not store your instrument in a closed bag overnight and for prolonged periods. ​Allow some air flow.​ ​It can trap moisture and advance corrosion and also can affect glue quality and sound. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.